Tables in Wonderland, it Even Sounds Magical!

Tables in Wonderland, it Even Sounds Magical!

The Tables in Wonderland membership gives Florida residents (and newlyweds!) awesome dining discounts and benefits. Your Tables in Wonderland card can be used at select Disney World restaurants to receive a 20 percent discount on all food and beverage, including alcohol for your entire party, up to 10 guests.

Florida residents can purchase the Tables in Wonderland membership for $100 per year. An additional card for a spouse can be purchased for an additional $50 per year.

Restaurants included in the Tables in Wonderland dining membership are located throughout the Walt Disney World Resorts and Theme Parks. There are more than 50 participating restaurants that offer discounts with your membership card. Regardless of your party’s size there is an 18 percent gratuity added to all food and beverage purchases made with your membership card.

The Tables in Wonderland card is $150 for Jason and I. We are splitting this gift into 3 $50 increments. You can always gift us more than one increment if you’d like!

3 of 3 fulfilled

Thank you Uncle Jim and Aunt Michelle!