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The Proposal

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Jason and I spent the day at Epcot for my birthday. After watching the Illuminations fire works show, Jason suggested we hand off our (precious) camera to a stranger so that they could take a picture of us. 

Jessica: No, lets just take an arm extended shot -they could drop the camera in the water!

Jason: No, they won’t.

And he hands off my (precious) camera. We get in position, and as soon as the new found camera woman (stranger), was ready, Jason got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!

Jessica: Yes!

This is the ring he got me!!

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I’m back!!!!

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I Got a Bike!

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Jason has always commented on how he’d like to bike ride with me, but I’ve always resisted.

Yesterday I decided I HAD to get active, seriously so.

He JUMPED on that opening and now we are bike riders.

We went out for 20-30 minutes today, and we’ll be going out again tommorrow.

Jason told me today that it made him really happy that I decided to ride with him. Infact, that he had beenn a little depressed about it.

I hadn’t realized how much he had wished this, so I’m happy I made him happy.

P.S> Isn’t my bike serious looking ?! :)

Wake up Jason!

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Its 11:11AM and Jason is still sleeping.

And while its nice that I get to catch up on all the shows that have been recorded this week (so far I’ve watched Fringe, Dollhouse, and the Unusuals), I am bored.

I want Jason to wake up so that I can talk and cuddle with him.