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I’m back!!!!

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Looks like the Disney Vault has a purpose after all – to keep us from realizing how similar our favorite classic Disney movies truly are. According to this video, Disney only ever made one movie, and they’ve been tracing it ever since.

It starts again

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I’m going to Disney World on July 2nd, my birthday.

I haven’t been to Disney World since September 2007. For me, that is a L-O-N-G time.

While I’m only going into a park (Epcot) on that one day, I will be staying on Disney property (Disney’s Beach Club Villas) for a whole week.

This has made me WAY too interested in all things Disney.

And especially the DVC, because that is how we are staying on Disney property.

I read the disboards like an addict. Especially the DVC one.

For instance:

– did you know that Animal Kingdom Lodge is opeing a new wing May 1, Kidani Village, but that they did a cast dry run starting yesterday?

– or that the Clown pool at the Boardwalk Villas scares kids?

Yea, thats the new stuff I know.

I’ve also been visiting an old haunt, the dizpins forums.

They aren’t as active as they were, but man…

E-bay prices are still OBSCENE.

A pinĀ I bought for 22.00 went for 130.00 last week, one I bought for 45.00 went for $360.00!