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My Mommy is Coming!

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I get to pick my Mom up from the airport at midnight tonight!!!



This is her from last month, her hair WAY shorter from the last time I saw her – September.

But I know that since then she has cut it ALL OFF. Can’t wait to see how she looks!

I love you Mom!

Tom Hanks in swim trunks?

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I saw the movie Angels & Demons last night.

For free, in a huge theater, and before its theatrical release date.

Yeah I’m THAT cool.

I never read the book, so I had no clue as to the plot line.

Normally with a movie/TV episode I can figure out the ending before the show even really gets going.

But this movie got me. I thought it was going in a COMPLETELY different direction. But I was fooled.

In my book, that makes it a good movie (though it was slow at times).

Also, because I’m so COOL, before the movie I was given one of these hats

You can see the coolness on the back. It reads Earth Air Fire Water both up side down and right side up!

I love this gif!

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That is all

I Got a Bike!

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Jason has always commented on how he’d like to bike ride with me, but I’ve always resisted.

Yesterday I decided I HAD to get active, seriously so.

He JUMPED on that opening and now we are bike riders.

We went out for 20-30 minutes today, and we’ll be going out again tommorrow.

Jason told me today that it made him really happy that I decided to ride with him. Infact, that he had beenn a little depressed about it.

I hadn’t realized how much he had wished this, so I’m happy I made him happy.

P.S> Isn’t my bike serious looking ?! :)

Too Cool!

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Wanna Waterwall?

Check out this cool idea from Michelle Kaufmann’s blog!

By lining west facing windows with glass bottles filled with water you can drastically reduce heat gain within your home and cut your need for energy eating artificial cooling systems. The water inside the bottles acts as thermal mass, absorbing and storing incoming heat and then releasing it after the sun has set when you can actually use the warming effect. You can use almost any type of bottle you have around the house, from water bottles to mason jars to really great looking decorative bottles, as long as they’re glass and as long as you like them!

Read all about it here! Or Just print out your own set of PDF directions here!

Jason, I want to do this!!!!! Maybe we could put blooming tea in  a few!