Fantasy: Tips and Secrets

- Get a copy of your bill from guest services late the last evening. I went by around 10 without any lines, just to check for any discrepancies. I didn’t […]

- Get a copy of your bill from guest services late the last evening. I went by around 10 without any lines, just to check for any discrepancies. I didn’t find any, but the last morning guest services was crazy!

– Bring $40-$50 in one dollar bills for tipping

– Go to Palo and have the chocolate soufflĂ©

-Prepay your tips. It made it easier for me to pay these ahead of time, as to not have to worry about them or having the cash to put in the envelopes. I did hand out the tips and I increased the tip of our stateroom attendant with cash.

– Have your laundry pressed. I would have never known about this service had it not been for these boards, but it was super easy and fairly inexpensive. Do it the first night, as to not have to pay rush fees.

– Midship Detective Agency. This is Fun. It was fun with my 3 year old, but would have been fun without her too. You should do this no matter how old you are.

– Do the pools and Aquaduck late at night. The pools are crazy all day. They are overrun with kids and their parents. If you have read any trip reports at all you should know this by now. That is not really my cup of tea, so we conned/persuaded our daughter to do other things during the day and swim at night (10-11pm). It was great. There were very few people in the pools and it felt special. The first night of our cruise we watched a movie from 10-11:30 in the pool with two other kids and had a great time. The Aquaduck was the same way after 10 you may have to wait 5 minutes. It was lots of fun with that wait, but during the day the line was much longer.

– Room Service, including Mickey bars, cheese plate, and cookies. Room service is wonderful and free (except for the tip) and fun. We ordered Mickey Bars right after getting our room and it was a great way to start the cruise. The cheese plate was nice in the late afternoon with wine, before we had late dinner.

– Bring your own alcohol onboard. For some reason I had a hard time deciding if this was worth it or not, but it is. We brought a soft sided cooler which we carried on without ice, with a bottle of vodka, two bottles of wine, some champagne and bloody Mary mix. We chilled some in our mini fridge and our room host kept the cooler filled with ice. I requested and received a bottle opener in the room, but next time I would bring my own. We drank some on our balcony and took a glass to the shows and to dinner. We still bought some alcohol on the ship, but bringing it saved us money and was very convenient.

– Take a pillowcase or something to guest services the first day with markers and candy and have it signed. This turned out so neat. I ordered a monogrammed white pillowcase from Stiches n Bows on bay. It turned out great. Order early to avoid rush fees and included a ziplock bag with lots of different colored sharpies (no yellow or black). And two bags of gummy bears and two bags of twizzlers all in a big plastic bag which I gave to guest services the first day. I asked for all of the characters to sign and they did, all of the princesses and all of the main characters. The best souvenir of the whole cruise.

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