1 lb chicken tenders
3/4 cup Italian dressing
1 jar pizza sauce
6 mozzarella cheese slices
grated parmesan cheese
6 tortillas

For Chicken Fingers:
Marinate 1 lb of chicken tenders in 3/4 cup Italian dressing for at least one hour (the longer the better). Grill or sautee in a skillet until done. Set aside or refrigerate if making wraps later in the week.

For the wrap:
Lay the tortilla on a flat surface. Layer ingredients on tortilla starting with 1 slice cheese, pizza sauce, chopped chicken and ending with Parmesan cheese.  Roll up the sides of the tortilla and place in grill pan. Top tortilla with grill press and grill until golden brown. Turn over and brown the other side. Repeat with remaining tortillas


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