Saturday was my 27th birthday. Woot! Jason took me to Seawatch on the Ocean for dinner.

We each had the early bird. NE Clam chowder, 1.25lb lobster, and key lime pie for dessert. So good!

On Sunday, we had the Heithoff family dinner party. We went to the Rustic Inn.

I had to try the “World Famous” garlic crabs, so Jason and I split that and an app of oysters.

My birthday cake was a delicious Publix creation – the Strawberry Peach Sensation. Our Rustic Inn meal was at 3:00, so of course my body thought it had to conk out at 8:00. Its now 3 am and I am wide awake.

SOOOOO – health wise. The seafood was good for me, except for the butter. THe cake had lots of fruit, but its still cake. Hmmm…

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