1. Order The Cake of the Day: Order the Cake of the Day from Room Service! Room service is complimentary (although a gratuity is appreciated) and it’s fun to sample (um, okay, devour ;-) ) different cake slices.

2. Shore Excursion Eats: Use Room Service for sandwiches and/or snacks to take on your shore excursions. Fresh, free, safely prepared goodies!

3. Find Hidden Treats: Ask your server to start each meal with a cheese or seafood platter for the entire table to enjoy. Each evening, you’ll be welcomed by a beautiful array of munchies. It’s not on the menu. Just ask!

Likewise, chocolate covered strawberries are not on the dessert menu. Ask for a small plate of them to be brought with your dessert. They are divine!

4. Late Night Dining: If you’re dining late and the kids are getting hungry, stop by one of the counter-service restaurants (or call Room Service) for a snack to bring to the show. The concession stand outside the theatre is expensive. Bring free food instead.

At bedtime, have Room Service deliver cookies and milk (yes, you can even get the cookies warm!) and the kids will think they’ve sailed to Neverland!

5. Miss Dinner?: If you miss first seating dinner, call the dining room to have your meal sent to your stateroom. Guests can also stop in to see if any tables are available at the later seating. The Wait Staff will go out of their way to accommodate your dining needs!

6. Always Ask: Mickey ice cream bars are not on the Room Service menu but if you request one, it’ll be delivered to your stateroom. Need a PB&J Uncrustable for a picky eater? Just ask! These are also available at the dining rooms by request.

7. Tea Time: At table-service restaurants there will be some herbal tea available, while the self-serve Beverage Station’s selection is quite small. For your tea fix, visit the spa. There’s always a selection of complimentary tasty teas set out for patrons and you don’t need an appointment to enter the fitness center hallway on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. Likewise, you can get some tea in the relaxation room aboard the Dream! Stop in for your spot of tea or take a tea bag (or two) with you.

8. Don’t Forget the Vino!: Pre-purchase a wine package. Each night at dinner, you’ll be able to pair a wine with your meal. The bottle can be enjoyed throughout your meal. Any remaining wine can be sent to your stateroom!

9. Sweets For the Grown-Ups: While relaxing in the adults-only Cove area, stop in to the Cove Cafe for complimentary baked goods.

10. Mix and Match!: You can mix and match menu items. At dinner, try two appetizers. Have a soup and salad, then two desserts. Don’t feel obligated to have every course. And don’t feel shy about adding an extra portion of your favorite dish.

Did you enjoy the entree on your previous night so much that you are craving it again? Ask your server if they could kindly get it for you!

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